Forecometh of the Closet Blogger

Experimenting with the beta version of Yahoo! 360°, I wonder if it has become just too easy to say more while meaning less

I must admit, I am rather skeptic about yet another blogging tool such as Yahoo! 360°, not to mention that I do not consider myself a blogger, but rather a writer, and without attempting to offend anyone’s feelings, it is my view that the two are not even nearly the same. The major difference I am quick to point out is that the writing process in itself is not necessarily the primary burden of a writer; it is the revision stage that consumes time, patience, and energy. As an example, these four paragraphs were reviewed, corrected, and rewritten a good number of times before I even dared to post this entry, which leads me to wonder, why even bother using a blogging tool to publish? That is when the technology itself behind blogging comes in.

I recall the brainstorming exercises in my high school English class, when we started the morning class with a five-minute free-writing session. What a joyous time of freedom it was, being able to fill up a page and never having to look at it again, regardless of how many mistakes had been made. Years before the explosion of the blogging phenomenon, we were certainly up to something, sitting in those desks in Ms. Rylander’s English 11-1 class.

A few years later, the concept is still the same, only the college-ruled spiral notebooks are replaced by the Word Wide Web. I do not see the creative and loose writing spirit having changed, only the medium upon which its fruits are recorded. The nearly anytime/anywhere accessibility provided by the blogging format takes an aspiring freestyle writer out of the school desks and puts him or her in front of a possible audience of millions, without the actual or perceived restrictions and limitations of a school environment. Considering the exclusiveness of printed word in its infancy centuries ago, one must marvel at the power any one blogger is given today.

Thinking along those lines, I find that I am hesitant to succumb to the conveniences of the blogging format, promising myself that I will maintain a level of standard that is expected of a writer, and that it is the technology I will make use of, not the chance offered by it to be careless. Do I consider myself a sellout and a disgrace to the literary arts for experimenting with such a mass-publishing venture where quantity so overwhelmingly seems to suppress quality? We shall see how it all unfolds, as in the end, only the readers will tell…

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