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Quality Music Magazines (But Why so Many Imports?)

Whether you are a seasoned producer or just getting started in making music, there are plenty of periodicals out there for you. I must probably open with an apology: If it seems like I focus primarily on computer-based music production, … Continue reading

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East West Quantum Leap 2 for 1 Saves Big Bucks until October 31st

East West Quantum Leap’s Play Engine titles are available in a ‘buy one get one free’ deal, but not for long. Recently, I discussed how to acquire a solid starter loop sample library on a budget. Be warned, this article … Continue reading

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New Composers: Sonart Has Lots of Loops for the Money

Sonart’s subscription provides an affordable way to get a sound library starter kit. There are certainly many web sites that offer free loops and instrument samples, but building up a collection from these sources can be tedious at times. Clicking … Continue reading

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Black Symphony by Within Temptation Is Out

If you did not get to see the phenomenal live performance, Black Symphony is out on CD, DVD, soon BR. Those whose first (or only) thought on gothic rock/metal is Evanescence, or believe that Amy Lee and her crew have … Continue reading

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