Revisit the 80’s with DJ Ama

South Florida’s golfer/producer/composer/writing student DJ Ama spins up some great tunes from the glamorous decade in music.

Even though I personally tend to be stuck in even older decades (Pink Floyd) when it comes to musical taste, everyone has one or two favorite 80’s songs, or likes one he or she does not even know is a remake of an 80’s classic. Music from that era keeps inspiring artists many years later, and remixes still find their way onto albums and into DJ sets. DJ Ama (short for Amanda) has been steadily earning recognition for her catchy selections and passion for house music, with even a custom set produced for DJMag. Check out “80’s to Today” for an uplifting line of songs spanning the last few decades. Appropriate for the season, she has also just produced “Electroween”, a Halloween-themed set.

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