Drupal, Elgg, Moodle: A Powerful Learning Management System

Drupal and Moodle have always been top players in their respective fields of content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS), making the idea of integration a powerful one.

Bill Fitzgerald makes an impressive proposal for combining the strengths of Drupal, Elgg and Moodle. I have followed some Moodle/Joomla intergration projects, and I am pleased to see that Drupal is moving into the field as well. I have read arguments that Drupal dos not need Moodle to become an effective LMS, but Moodle already has years of solid development and an excellent framework ready for deployment. It does not make much sense for Drupal developers to redo all that work, when they can rely on Drupal’s powerful core to interact with Moodle’s flexibility.

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