Tunes for the Day, February 20, 2009: Nemesea, Nightwish

“No More” by Nemesea; “Ghost Love Score” by Nightwish

I am usually quick to jump on uninformed music reviwers who think every hard rock or metal band with a female singer is an Evanescence knock-off, considering that the American band started doing in 2003 what so many other bands around the world had been doing for about a decade. This time, however, I will give credit to some comparisons between the Dutch band (same as Within Temptation) Nemesea and Evanescence (just listen to the below song and “Bring Me to Life”), as the former group is more on the lighter side of the genre, but still with pleasing results. Here is “No More”. Tags: hard rock, light metal, industrial, techno, electronic, orchestral backing, melodic.

I wrote about Nightwish before, and “Ghost Love Score” is an excellent example of the band’s finest works. As usual, it is not a typical pop or metal song, but what can be tagged as progressive symphonic gothic metal. Great work by every member of the band on this live presentation from End of an Era.

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