Tunes for the Day, February 21, 2009: Blackmore’s Night, Ishtar Alabina

“Way to Mandalay” by Blackmore’s Night; “Yalla Bina Yalla (Mashallah)” by Ishtar Alabina

Before anyone gets the idea that all the songs in this feature are gothic metal, there are two completely different offerings today.

You do not hear about the renaissance folk rock genre too often, possibly because there are not as many groups representing it and it is not as “mainstream” (as much as I dislike the term). Candice Night and Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore (Get It? Blackmore’s Night?) cleverly mix various musical elements (try a synth and a mandolin) into the catchy “Way to Mandalay”.

Keeping things always international around here, I am pleased to introduce Ishtar Alabina to readers. She is a true example of a diverse artist, “raised by an Egyptian mother and a Moroccan father with Spanish roots”, and singing in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. She has worked with scores of artists from all over the world, including Gypsy Kings. Check out “Yalla Bina Yalla (Mashallah)”.

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