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Starbucks’ Instant Embarrassment for the Recession

For those of you who still actually believe that drinking Starbucks makes you somehow sophisticated, here is the final blow: instant coffee. You can convince yourself that you are enjoying fancy coffee products just because you find Starbucks to be … Continue reading

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End of a Dream and an Era: Richard Wright Passes Away

A founding member of Pink Floyd moves on to “The Great Gig in the Sky” A few things in life can be taken for granted, but Pink Floyd being eternal has been a source of artistic inspiration to me for … Continue reading

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“The Science of Fear” – How the Media Wants You to be Afraid

There is often more smoke than fire… Do you realize that despite the recent campus shooting, a college student is 75 times more likely to be killed off-campus? Or that the most recent suicide bombing in the U. S. was … Continue reading

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